Meet the Other Ashton Carter

Toronto Maple Leafs right winger Carter Ashton, seen here in a March 19 NHL game. (Getty Images)

There’s another Ashton Carter. Well, sort of.

Meet 20-year-old hockey player Carter Ashton, a right winger in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. 

With the NHL in the midst of a lockout, Ashton is playing for the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League.

(There is a defense hook to this post, trust me.)

Like many reporters, I have a Google Alert set up for Ashton Carter, the deputy defense secretary.

My Google Alert for Carter — who has a more common last name than, say, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta — has returned lots of sports-related articles over the past three-and-a-half years he’s been serving in the Pentagon.

Most recently, the touted NHL prospect above has been popping up. Last year, one of my Ashton Carter Google Alerts frequently turned up lots of news about the trade of NHL-er Jeff Carter and NBA-er Vince Carter.

I wonder if Canadian sports writers have the same problem with their Google Alerts?

No word on whether Ash Carter, the deputy secretary, has heard of Carter Ashton, the hockey player, but Intercepts in on the case.

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