People’s Daily Warns of Japan and U.S. Conspiracy to Contain China

The China Daily has published excerpts of a People’s Daily commentary accusing Japan and the United States of conspiring to “contain” China. It further called Japan a “real danger and threat to the world.”

The reader should be aware of two things. First, the China Daily and the People’s Daily are government-controlled publications. Second, the China Daily article was published in English.

Below is the original China Daily, January 14, 2013, article:
Japan is a real danger to the world

The United States and Japan are actually using each other. The US’ concern over China may be used by Japan as an excuse to realize its ambitions, says an editorial in People’s Daily.


It is not a surprise to China that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Cabinet members are actively drawing the United States’ Asian allies to Japan’s side to contain and encircle China. Meanwhile, Japan’s new government shows considerable respect for, and attention to, Sino-Japan relations.

Japan’s two-faced strategy is not new to its Asian neighbors, especially the victimized countries of World War II. What is really worrisome for China and other countries is that Japan’s real purpose is not only containing China but also getting rid of the restrictions on Japan that are enforced because of its identity as a defeated country of World War II.

The Diaoyu Islands issue is only an excuse for Japan, though a game for the United States, to contain China, to divert Japan’s domestic attention from its troublesome economic and financial situation. The US is using Japan, and Japan is also taking advantage of the US.

Japan’s ultimate goal is to realize political independence and drive the US from its territory.

If the US always spoils Japan and fantasizes that Japan will always follow it, the US will eventually be punished for its conceit and cockiness. Japan has never been honest with its past, never confessed its crimes, not even apologized for the trauma that Japan inflicted on its neighbors.

Such a country is the real danger and threat to the world.