Pentagon Details 2013 Sequestration Impact on Budget Accounts

WASHINGTON –Sequestration spending reductions will cut $15.8 billion from the US Defense Department’s 2013 budget, according to a Pentagon report.

The 438-page document details the specifics on sequestration – about $37 billion total in 2013 – across all of DoD’s program accounts, both in the base and war budgets. Military personnel are exempt from the cuts.

In all, $9.8 billion will be cut from DoD’s $110 billion procurement account and $6 billion from its $69.6 billion research-and-development account, the documents state. Operations-and-maintenance accounts will be cut by $20.3 billion.

By service, the cuts break down as follows:

  • The Army’s $179 billion budget will be cut by $7.6 billion.
  • The Navy’s $173 billion budget will be cut by $10.7 billion
  • The Air Force’s $154 billion budget will be cut by $10 billion.
  • The $110 billion defense-wide budget, which includes the defense agencies, will be cut by $8.9 billion
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Marcus Weisgerber

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