GRAPHIC: AP Posts Raw Video of Westgate Mall Attack, Shows Mystery Men With Guns

Check out this video the AP posted this afternoon of the Westgate Mall attack in Narobi Kenya. The footage is pretty graphic–so click only if you’re up for it–but an interesting moment comes at the 0:32 mark when the frame jumps to what looks like two Western men with handguns.

There are no indications that the duo are attackers — they’re in western clothing, have short haircuts, and the people in the store don’t appear to see them as any threat. One of the men speaks animatedly to the other and then moves out with his weapon, while the other loads a clip into his handgun and crouches down. Then the clip ends.

Who are these guys? The British press has reported that an “off-duty” SAS member saved scores of people during the attack, so odds are one of the men is him.


The September 21 to 24 siege at the upscale mall resulted in at least 72 deaths including 6 Kenyan soldiers, and 5 attackers. The Somalian Islamist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.

There have been scattered reports of American and Israeli involvement in the rescue operation to clear people out of the mall, but no foreign government has admitted their involvement.


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