Is Obama ‘A Day Late And A Dollar Short’ On Foreign Policy Matters?

Spend enough time observing and interacting with politicians, and one quickly can differentiate those focused exclusively on politics from those interested in getting some things done. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., falls into the latter category. And that makes his take on the Obama administration’s handling of foreign policy worth mulling.

Video: Griffin missile launches from patrol ship, blasts target, goes operational

The US Navy’s Mark 60 Griffin missile system was declared operational March 25 after successful live-fire tests from patrol coastal (PC) ships assigned to the Fifth Fleet. The weapon gives the small PCs a punch they’ve sorely lacked. This newly-released Navy video shows Griffin launches from tests on March 20 and 21, along with the…

In Age of Cyber Strikes & Sanctions, Will Only US Ground Forces Deter Putin?

Cyber strikes. Sophisticated sanctions. In an ever-more technologically and economically connected world, the US national security apparatus increasingly talks about and employs these “new” tools of conflict. But will either work against an adversary/irritant who still moves his forces via freight rail? One influential Washington think tank says no.

Ukrainian Army Launches PR Campaign, Taking Donations

The Ukrainian Army needs money for equipment, but the government doesn’t have any, so it’s taking donations. The message below was posted on a Ukrainian Ministry of Defense website where the donations are being solicited: Ukraine is in danger. Army will protect everyone but our soldiers need bulletproof vests, armored vehicles and military equipment. In…