In Age of Cyber Strikes & Sanctions, Will Only US Ground Forces Deter Putin?

Cyber strikes. Sophisticated sanctions. In an ever-more technologically and economically connected world, the US national security apparatus increasingly talks about and employs these “new” tools of conflict. But will either work against an adversary/irritant who still moves his forces via freight rail? One influential Washington think tank says no.

Is Obama’s Drone Program Legal? Former Senior CIA Lawyer Isn’t Saying.

Memoirs often offer former senior US government officials an outlet to comment on programs about which they largely were silent while in office. When it comes to the legality of the Obama administration’s armed-drone program, such candor is needed. But, in his new memoir, the CIA’s former top lawyer is mostly mum on the topic.

On Defense Cuts in Ukraine Legislation, It’s Hawk vs. Hawk

Congressional GOP hawks agree on one thing: To them, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade the southern-most part of Ukraine is US President Barack Obama’s fault. They also agree the US should send Putin a message. But a Senate measure intended to do just that is pitting hawk vs. hawk.

Escalation: Sen. Inhofe Wants to Surround Putin With F-22s, Aegis Ships

Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Jim Inhofe is a Cold Warrior. While presidents and chancellors, secretaries and ministers talked of forcing Russian President Vladimir Putin out of Ukraine via mostly economic means, Inhofe wants to surround Putin’s invading force with some of America’s most lethal weaponry.

Obama and the NSA: Count the Code Words

The assessments of just what President Barack Obama is doing or might do to controversial surveillance programs run by the Pentagon’s NSA since his big Friday speech have been, one might say generously, uneven. Is Obama ending the bulk collection of telephone traffic metadata, or making minor changes? Is he signaling a landmark change in…