Obama’s Former Man in Moscow Stirs Hornet’s Nest on #MH17 Shootdown

When the Obama administration’s former top man in Moscow told Defense News that Russian leaders should apologize for the shootdown of an airliner in Ukraine, he was greeted with charges of hypocrisy. In a Twitter exchange late Tuesday evening, your correspondent asked Michael McFaul just what the “accountability” of Russian leaders he was calling for…

In Age of Cyber Strikes & Sanctions, Will Only US Ground Forces Deter Putin?

Cyber strikes. Sophisticated sanctions. In an ever-more technologically and economically connected world, the US national security apparatus increasingly talks about and employs these “new” tools of conflict. But will either work against an adversary/irritant who still moves his forces via freight rail? One influential Washington think tank says no.

On Defense Cuts in Ukraine Legislation, It’s Hawk vs. Hawk

Congressional GOP hawks agree on one thing: To them, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade the southern-most part of Ukraine is US President Barack Obama’s fault. They also agree the US should send Putin a message. But a Senate measure intended to do just that is pitting hawk vs. hawk.