Photos of the Eurocopter X3

A Eurocopter X3 in a Hanger at Manassas Regional Airport in Virginia. (Marcus Weisgerber/Staff)

Eurocopter showed off the X3 hybrid helicopter at a suburban, Washington-area airport on Monday.

The aircraft — which when running sounds more like a turboprop fixed-wing plane than a helicopter — flew an air show routine for reporters, company employees and foreign defense officials from the French and German embassies.

Here are some of the photos I snapped of the X3 at the event. I’ll also be adding some video of the demo down the road.

A view of the Eurocopter X3 cockpit. (Marcus Weisgerber/Staff)

Eurocopter plans to fly the X3 to the Pentagon helipad later this week.

After that, it will fly to Richmond, Va., where it will be partially dismantled and packed inside an Antonov cargo plane for its journey back to France.

A Eurocopter X3 at Manassas Regional Airport in Virginia. (Marcus Weisgerber/Staff)


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