Army Moving More Soldiers to Korea

The U.S. Army continues to pour new assets into the Korean peninsula. In addition to the MRAPs, upgraded Bradley Fighting Vehicles, modernized Humvees, Abrams tanks, and brand-new networking equipment that Army leadership is currently sending to the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea, the unit is also preparing to welcome back a battalion that it lost in a restructuring in 2004.

Last month, the Army quietly announced that it was sending the 23rd Chemical Battalion back to Camp Stanley in Uijeongbu, South Korea from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., where it had been reassigned eight years ago.

The relocation of about 300 soldiers should wrap up by March 2013 according to the Army, and includes the 23rd Chemical Battalion’s 61st Chemical Company, 62nd Chemical Company, and Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment.

According to the 2nd ID’s public affairs shop, the move “reinforces the U.S. Department of Defense’s rebalance to the Asia-Pacific Region and reinforces America’s commitment to the ROK-U.S. Alliance.” The Army is quick to point out that relocating the battalion “is strictly defensive and designed to increase readiness to defend the ROK, protect the region, and maintain stability on the Korean peninsula.”

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