Annual Taiwan Arms Report Released

Shirley Kan’s annual report on Taiwan arms sales was released November 29. Written under the auspices of the Congressional Research Service, Taiwan: Major U.S. Arms Sales Since 1990 discusses U.S. security assistance to Taiwan, or Republic of China (ROC), including policy issues for Congress and legislation. Congress has oversight of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), P.L. 96-8, which has governed arms sales to Taiwan since 1979, when the United States recognized the People’s Republic of China (PRC) instead of the ROC. Two other relevant parts of the “one China” policy are the August 17, 1982, U.S.-PRC Joint Communique and the “Six Assurances” to Taiwan. U.S. arms sales to Taiwan have been significant. The United States also expanded military ties with Taiwan after the PRC’s missile firings in 1995-1996. However, the U.S.-ROC Mutual Defense Treaty terminated in 1979.

Kidd-class destroyer KEELUNG (1801), the former USS SCOTT (DDG 995). Taiwan procured all four of the Kidd-class ships from the U.S. in 2003. (Photo: Wendell Minnick)