Trading Silver Stars for Red: Wesley Clark Goes East

Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Wesley Clark, U.S. Army, briefs reporters on the status of the NATO-led, international peacekeeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Pentagon on Dec. 9, 1999. The first U.S. peacekeepers entered the war-ravaged country five years ago this month in an effort to stop the ethnic killings and prevent further deterioration of the region's infrastructure. DoD photo


A former U.S. presidential candidate and retired U.S. Army General has added his name to the growing list of retired U.S. Generals/Admirals, former U.S. State Department officials, and U.S. ex-intelligence analysts working with China to make money.

The newest member to the club, Wesley Clark, has joined Universal Display Technology (UDT), Jilin Province, where the website lists him as “PTG’s technology and M&A consultant.”

Clark did not respond to a request from Defense News to comment.

UDT is a joint venture established in 2006 by PLED Technology Group (Hong Kong) Limited (PTG), which is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up by the Security Company of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ of Japan and Cyrte Investment, one of the biggest private equity funds in Europe, and Changchun High & New Technology Industry Parent Company (Chida) and Jilin Province Trust and Investment Co., Ltd. (Jilin Trust) with a registered capital of USD50 million.

In 2008, under the arrangement of Jilin Province government, Jilin Province State-Capital Management Co., Ltd. replaced Jilin Trust as the new shareholder of UDT. In 2009, via PTG’s arrangement, UDT completed acquisition of OTB Display BV and got its 75% of ownership interest, controlled and took over its operation and management. With this acquisition, UDT gains the full control of the design and manufacturing technology for fully automated inline ink-jet TFE P-OLED production line. After the acquisition, to avoid confusion with OTB Display’s original shareholder OTB Group, OTB Display BV was renamed as OLED Technologies BV (OTBv). Since the acquisition, UDT and OTBv have been consolidated into one group, UDT-OTB.

A reliable defense industry source who watches China closely said “most of the people appear to be from the Dutch partner of the Sino-Chinese joint venture OLED Technologies. It is interesting that the Chinese partner is the China Development Bank. Not sure why Wesley Clark is associated with this outfit though.”

Clark’s appearance in China is rather odd given Beijing’s calls for justice and revenge after NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999. Clark was the Supreme Allied Commander Europe in charge of the operation.

According to Wikipedia:

“Operation Allied Force experienced another problem when NATO bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade May 7, 1999. The operation had been organized against numerous Serbian targets, including ‘Target 493, the Federal Procurement and Supply Directorate Headquarters’, although the intended target building was actually 300 meters away from the targeted area. The embassy was located at this mistaken target, and three Chinese journalists were killed. Clark’s intelligence officer called Clark taking full responsibility and offering to resign, but Clark declined, saying it was not the officer’s fault.”

Secretary Cohen and CIA Director George Tenet took responsibility the next day. Tenet would later explain in testimony before the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on July 22, 1999 that the targeting system used street addresses, which gave inaccurate positions for air bombings and that the various databases of off-limit targets did not have the up-to-date address for the relatively new embassy location, although there were some that did not accept this explanation.

What I would like to know is more about UDT and Clark’s involvement in the company. For example, who do they supply to within China? Any thoughts?