China’s Soar Dragon UAV Reappears

Like a ghost that appears and reappears in the fog, four new photographs of China’s Soar Dragon have materialized quite literally in the fog on an unidentified base in China. The photographs are appearing on various Chinese defense blogs and show remarkable new details of the high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). According to data collected at the 2010 Zhuhai Airshow, missions for the Soar Dragon include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and communications relay.

Performance Data:

Length: 14.3 meters (47 feet)
Wingspan: 25 meters (82 feet)
Height: 5.4 meters (18 feet)
Normal Takeoff Weight: 7500 kilograms (16,500 lbs)
Mission Load: 650 kilograms (1,400 lbs)
Cruising Altitude: 18 kilometers (60,000 feet)
Cruising Speed: 750 kilometers/hour (460 miles/hour)
Range: 7000 kilometers (4,350 miles)