Defense News tours an Antonov AN-124


A few weeks ago, Defense News was invited out to Dulles Airport to check out a satellite transport via an Antonov AN-124, one of the largest transportation planes in the world. (The answer: In a really large box, with a lot of help.)

Above you can see a video clip featuring Dmitry Avdeev of Polet Airlines, whose company manages the plane. The video also includes shots of the equipment -a satellite designed by Orbital Systems – being loaded. All told, it too about four hours from the point the Antonov began putting down its ramp to the point the equipment was fully loaded.

Join us below the fold for a brief tour of what the plane looks like from the inside.

The plane is divided into two parts – the main cargo area in the first level, and an upper deck that features crew quarters. You can check out the cockpit and where the crew eats and sleeps above.

All pictures/video are by Gannett photographer Colin Kelly. Special thanks to Amnon Ehrlich with EP-Team for setting up our visit.

Aaron Mehta

Aaron Mehta

Air Warfare Correspondent at Defense News
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Aaron Mehta