Monkey Business in Bangalore

Artist rendering of the culprit. (Family Guy/FOX television)

Greetings from Bangalore, Intercepts fans. We’ll be back shortly with a boatload of pictures, but for tonight, we wanted to bring you this juicy bit of local color that was too good not to share.

Word was buzzing at Aero India today about a daring midnight raid on several of the booths last night by a band of rampaging monkeys. One well known missile company came in and found their booth covered in what we can diplomatically call some unwanted gifts. The precocious primates then moved on to a different section of the show, where they proceeded to feast on food that was stored in fridges across the tarmac and generally make a mess of things.

It’s not the first time the Indian defense sector has been terrorized by man’s distant cousin – in 2004, monkeys were blamed when top secret documents were scattered around the Ministry of Defence, amidst mounting tensions with neighbor Pakistan. But it’s a nice reminder that even with our ever shrinking world, some markets maintain their unique challenges.

Aaron Mehta

Aaron Mehta

Air Warfare Correspondent at Defense News
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Aaron Mehta