Today in Military History: March 5, 1770, Boston Massacre

This 19th-century lithograph is a variation of Revere's famous engraving. This image emphasizes Crispus Attucks a former slave who was killed in the Massacre, then became an important symbol for abolitionists.Courtesy, Federal Works Agency. Work Projects Administration Division of Information. (07/01/1939 - 1943)

On March 5, 1770 a mob of angry American colonists gathers in Boston and begins tossing snowballs and rocks at British soldiers. The colonists were protesting the British occupation of their city and rising British taxes.  The red coats eventually opened fire on the protesters, killing five colonists. The incident began the ripple effect of the slogan  “no taxation without representation” and helped unite the American colonies against the British. Some say the Boston Massacre was the spark that ignited the fire of the American Revolution.