Can a White Paper Lead to an Experiment, and then a Task Force?

The much-discussed—but little understood—collaboration between the Army, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command that Army chief Gen Ray Odierno has so often touted as essential for the future success of the nation’s ground forces just took one step closer to becoming a reality.

Sort of.

The Strategic Landpower Task Force “recently completed a Limited Objective Experiment (LOE) to inform the development of the Strategic Landpower Concept” a story on the Army’s Capabilities Integration Center Web site says.

“This concept will describe the relationship between the land, cyber, and emerging “human” domains; inform defense planning; and enable the Joint force to plan, prepare, and execute military operations that fully account for the inherent human factors that drive and end conflict,” the missive continues, promising that the concept is “expected” to be complete later this summer.

It’s unclear what this latest paper will be able to add to the strategic landscape that other documents like the Joint Operational Access Concept, Army Operational Concept, Marine Operating Concept, and the SOCOM Operating Concept have failed to offer.

The Experiment relied on the Strategic Landpower White Paper that the Army, Marines and SOCOM published May 6th, as well as another review of a draft of the upcoming Strategic Landpower Concept which were used to conduct a limited war game exercise.

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