ISAF Winning Hearts and Minds, One Forsaken Tweet at a Time


When you’re conducting “population-centric comprehensive operations” to support an embattled host nation government in a foreign country, it’s a good idea not to insult the very population you’re trying to support and protect.

For starters, it’s a good idea not to call their country “forsaken.”

But that’s just what a staffer at the Kabul-based ISAF Joint Command did this afternoon when Tweeting thanks to well-wishers for birthday messages they had sent along.

The Tweet has since been taken down.

The IJC is the primary warfighting command for the more than 50 coalition countries that have committed personnel to Afghanistan, and is spearheading efforts to hand over operations to Afghan forces by the end of 2014 so they can continue to fight the Taliban and other anti-government Islamic groups.

And it’s doing so one Tweet at a time.




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