Senators Want DoD IG to Look at Contractor Who Shipped Through Iran

The port of Bandar Abbas in Iran, through which Anham shipped items to Afghanistan (AFP/Getty Images).

The port of Bandar Abbas in Iran, through which Anham shipped items to Afghanistan (AFP/Getty Images)

Republican senators Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Mark Kirk of Illinois are asking the Pentagon’s chief watchdog to look into a contractor who shipped items through Iran on their way to Afghanistan.

The Dubai-based contractor, Anham, has claimed that the items were shipped by subcontractors without company leadership’s knowledge, but Defense News reported in late September that one of the company’s senior executives was aware of and contributed to an email chain outlining logistical problems stemming from the shipments.

Ayotte and Kirk, noting the media coverage, asked in a letter to the Defense Department’s inspector general whether the multi-billion dollar logistics contract Anham has to provide basic supplies to US forces could be terminated, and whether DoD has already taken any action against the company.

“We request that you urgently look into this matter, verify the recent public reports surrounding Anham, make recommendations on what to do with Anham’s existing U.S. Government contracts and propose steps the Department should take to ensure this does not happen again,” the letter, dated October 22, said.

The full letter is below:

Letter Page 1

Letter 2

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