First Look at Armed Textron Scorpion

The Textron/AirLand Scorpion will appear at RIAT and Farnborough this July.

The Textron AirLand Scorpion will appear at RIAT and Farnborough this July.

Textron AirLand has released a new photo of its Scorpion aircraft, and this time, it’s fully loaded.

The above picture is the first look at what the plane, billed as an ISR/light attack aircraft, looks like when equipped with a weapons load on its wings.

So what’s on there? According to company spokesman David Sylvestre, the outer spots are taken by Lockheed Martin Hellfires, the middle stations by Textron Systems Weapon & Sensor Systems G-CLAWs and the innermost stations by Raytheon Paveways.

That doesn’t mean the company isn’t looking wider for potential weapons loads. The Scorpion will be on static display at the RIAT and Farnborough air shows starting July 10, and that load will be more mixed, adding in Raytheon’s Griffin Missile and Enhanced Paveway 4; Boeing’s JDAM and SDB; and the Lockheed DAGR.

Textron officials have touted the versatility of the plane, so it’s no surprise the company wants to show off the number of different weapons that can be mounted on the wing. As of now, however, none of the weapons have been tested.

“No flight testing with actual weapons has begun. This is to show range of weapons likely to be used on the plane, and the plane’s weapons load capacity,” Sylvestre wrote in an email. “These are among the weapons we would expect Scorpion to carry, depending on the customer’s mission requirements.”

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Aaron Mehta

Aaron Mehta

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