Tanks for the ride, dad!

A British dad has trumped the school bus, ferrying his teenage sons to school in his 17-ton tank, Caters News Agency reports.

Nick Mead is the 53-year-old wonder of Tanks A Lot Ltd, which owns a 120-vehicle fleet of vehicles available for rent. Customers can rent an armored vehicle to, say, pick up their prom date, park at a party or crush a car. The last option costs £445.00, and presumably you must bring your own car.

Chugging down the road in a 17 tonne FV432 armored personnel carrier, he is bound to get looks.

“People often do a double take, They can’t believe it, and when they see the tax disc which verifies it’s road legal, they’re even more gobsmacked,’ he said.

‘My children love it, the tanks are a bit of a tourist attraction, but I can imagine they’re probably even a bit bored of it now, it’s just the norm for them.’

Here’s a few of the vehicles in his £2 million collection:

1 Challenger Bottle tank
8 Abbot self-propelled gun
7 Russian 251 self-propelled guns
25 432 armoured personnel carriers
4 434 Reme repair vehicles
15 Alvis stalwarts
1 Stormer CVRT
2 CVRT Shielders
2 Russian VDRMs
1 Cech Prada anti-aircraft carrier
1 Alvis Saracen
5 Ferret armoured cars
5 Leyland DAF army lorries
1 Fox armoured car
4 Springer All-Terrain Vehicles
7 Lynx snow vehicles
2 Haglund snow cats
5 Lance nuclear missile carriers
7 Combat Engineer Vehicles
2 Supercats
10 military land rovers
1 Margaret Thatcher’s armoured bus
1 tank limo – FV432
1 tank hearse – FV432
1 pink Abbott
1 Green Goddess fire engine
1 Volvo 80 tank jeep

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